Set RescueTime goal as a Do More goal?

I’d like to set up a Do More goal to track how much time I spend learning languages. Since I have an account at Rocket Languages, I’d like to use Beeminder’s RescueTime integration to automatically track the time I spend on Unfortunately, it looks like a RescueTime goal tracking a specific website or app is always a Do Less goal—or am I missing a setting somewhere? (I sure hope so.)

(ETA: I’m hoping to use RescueTime integration to track a Do More guitar-learning goal, too, via time I spend working through Rock Prodigy lessons. Not a deal-breaker if I can’t use RT integration for that, but it would be a great help in keeping down the amount of manual tracking I have to do.)

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Eep, I think you’re right! Can you email and we’ll flip it for you manually in the meantime?

Thanks, Danny! I’ve e-mailed to flip and rerail the language learning goal for me.

As it turns out, tracking an app—in this case, Rock Prodigy installed on my Macbook—using an RT goal appears to default to Do More. So, based on my massive sample size of two :), it appears that RescueTime goals tracking websites are Do Less goals, and tracking apps are Do More goals.

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Ah, yes, that is indeed the common case – people want to spend Less time on distracting websites and More time in apps like their text editor – but that’s not ok that we don’t give you the choice! Thanks so much for bringing this up. We’ll follow up here when we fix it and will keep doing it manually for folks who need it in the meantime.

It’s fixed—wow, you guys are fast! And at something between 3 and 6 AM on Christmas Day (assuming you’re in the continental US)! Thanks a billion.