Feature request: RescueTime tracking in minutes

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Setting up a goal with RescueTime, you can only enter the amount of hours you would like to do per day.

I am very much into habits and want to create a habit of practising 10 finger typing every day for 10 minutes (using TypingClub, basically Duolingo for learning to type, super awesome, check it! :slight_smile:).

Using the hours per week setting is not really an option for me. The daily practice is more important than the overall amount of time.

Risking slightly to go off topic, this is also the reason, why I find Beeminder without the automatic-retroratchet not yet perfect for creating habits. It would be awesome to have a specific mode for this (I shall open a new topic for this!)

I read that there would maybe the possibility to later tweak something in the advanced settings for getting the input in minutes?
If so, I think, that offering minutes for RescueTime should be a basic functionality for creating the goal.

If I can do anything to help make that happen, I would love to do so!

Also, does anybody know a workaround for this issue?

All the best and have a great one!


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Thank you @phi
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Just FYI : Whatever you put as a per day or per week commitment, beeminder always breaks it down to a daily rate.

And a tip: you can rename the Y axis so you can put there “10 minutes per day”


Like apolyton said, there’s no difference in functionality whether you enter the setting in hours per day or hours per week. Either way you can store up a buffer and then not do it for a while.

If daily practice is what’s important, I would suggest a binary goal - “days I have practiced” with a rate of 7/week.

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I think there is an AMAZING chance for improvement to that part of goal specification. Many, many folks get confused by it–you are not the first by a long shot! People get confused by fractional units, and they get confused about everything turning into a daily rate.


“I said I had to do 365 a year, and it hasn’t been a year yet, so how could I possibly have derailed?!”


Yes, agreed… also see

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