Should the recent data column be sorted differently?

I have a few goals that have an unusual deadline (like 7 a.m. or 6 p.m., etc.), if I have entered data today, meaning in the “normal today” interval, those goals do not get a checkmark neither do they get sorted like they are supposed to, or at least how I would expect it.

In my opinion a deadline of a goal doesn’t change the beginning and end of the day for me, nor (should it) for the goal. It’s just what it says: a deadline. Therefore it should be sorted like a goal without an adjusted deadline.

I hope I did make it clear enough what I mean. I really think it would be easier for the user, if the day boundaries stay the same throughout all goals and only deadlines move. I could see that for some night owls a global option to tell beeminder when their day starts/ends (4 a.m. instead of 12 a.m.) might be desired/needed.

This is especially helpful for people who have daily goals and want to sort in a way that shows goals with already entered data above those who still need data.


The way deadlines are implemented is basically by changing when each “day” begins / ends. I’ve complained about this in a different context, namely how “^” is interpreted in advanced data entry. I agree, it’s confusing, but I think it’s pretty baked in and is unlikely to be changed unless there’s a more radical conceptual revamp (e.g. Continuous Beeminding). You’re probably better off adjusting your workflow to not depend on this so much.


It’s a pitty that it’ll probably stay that way. But there are a lot of things to improve across the board, so I guess the beeminder team has their hands full…