Simple script for sending information to beeminder from desktop?

I need to send info from my computer to beeminder. Is there an example somewhere of a simple script or application that can do this?

There should be a general method of doing this so we don’t have to “roll our own” scripts every time.


You can often do this in one single line with curl. You can see many examples using curl at

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If you are looking for a desktop application and running Windows 10, you can use Nectar.

If you are looking to write a cross platform command line script, you can use cURL (which even works in Windows now), as suggested above.

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No, Windows 7, but I have MinGW installed so I should be able to do it through that.

You can always just download cURL:

Awesome, thanks!

Also, check out the API Coding Resources List here on the forum.

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