skritter integration: what counts as time studied?

love the skritter integration, now even more so with my new subscription! :purple_heart: however, i was wondering if the time it counts for beeminder is only how long it takes me to review cards? and if it would be possible to also have it count studying/learning new cards?

personally, i like to learn new cards only after i’m finished with my reviews, and then i don’t study them again until the next day / next session. but that can mean ending up with a lower study time in total, which isn’t ideal for the way my goal is set up / with how my mind works.

(but maybe i’m using skritter all wrong and studying the new cards right after i learned them would be a great way to solidify them in my memory? any experiences about this?)

I don’t use Skritter, so this may not be entirely helpful. Let me know if this helps enough… :slight_smile:

We are grabbing the “timeStudied” progress stat, which has some details here: API Documentation

  • timeStudied
    breakdown of time in seconds studied

So… I dunno if that includes just review or everything? It says it’s the same as is graphed on their website, if that helps?

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after a few more weeks with the skritter integration i’m now 99.9% sure it only counts reviews, not the time you spend learning new cards.

as an attempt of an explenation, skritter works like this:

  • you find a new card you want to learn (which can be a word or a phrase).
  • you click on “learn now” and then it prompts you to go through all the options, writing it, reading it, remembering the meaning—all without being graded, this is really just a one-time run-through to get it into your head. the time it takes you to do this isn’t counted as timeStudied.
  • when you’ve learned enough new words and phrases (or maybe you even haven’t learned anything new today, you just want to review old ones), you go to the review section.
  • there you can choose what types of cards to review and what reviews you want to do (all of them or just writing, etc.). whatever settings you choose, however long you go through your pending reviews until you stop (or until you don’t have any wrong ones anymore), that counts as time studied.

my MO was and still is to do the reviews first, and then maybe learn a few new words. (or just do reviews; i don’t want to overwhelm myself with too much new stuff if i feel like i still have too much old stuff i don’t know well yet.)
learning new words first, and then doing reviews automatically puts the new words in the reviews as well, and skews the ratings i give them, i think. (if i’ve just learned them i’m gonna have an easier time remembering them than if i only reviewed them for the first time the next day. so if i learn and then review, skritter is gonna give me the next review of the new cards much later, and i might have more trouble remembering them well—at least that’s my suspicion, i haven’t actually tested this.)

i will say that even if it’s a bit inconvenient/unintuitive that learning new words doesn’t also count as timeStudied, it never lead to grave problems with my skritter goal, and if it ever does in the future, i’ll just dial down the road :)

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