SMS bot needing the dang goalname specified each time

You know how the SMS bot needs you to tell it the goalname for each datapoint even when it just prompted you for a goal? That’s dumb and annoying, right? [1] When we were fixing something – – with the SMS bot the other day I realized how easy the goalname thing would be to fix too if we just assumed that you only ever tell the SMS bot about a datapoint for the last goal it prompted you about.

It could even the be best of all worlds:

  1. Leave out the goalname if it’s for the goal the SMS bot last prompted you for
  2. Include the prefix if not
  3. You could even ask Beeminder about a goal by texting just the goalname – ie, prompt the bot to prompt you – so you could then text again with data for it with no prefix

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[1] We actually have a feature that makes this much less annoying – – but I feel like it’s so undiscoverable that it almost might as well not exist. Though we do tell you about it if you text HELP to the bot.