Social Media Detox

Hello, I’m writing because, many times before, I’ve tried a month long social media detox, but have always failed. I wanted to try again, only this time with Beeminder, and maybe make this a lifelong habit. Since I’m new to the app, I don’t really know the best way to use beeminder to keep myself accountable. Should I use rescuetime? Is there any way to integrate Apple’s screen time? Should I get premium? I’m willing to get premium memberships of stuff if it helps me with my goal. Any advice on how to move forward would be appreciated. Cheers!


Are you trying to totally eliminate your social media usage or limit it in certain ways?

If you’re trying to totally eliminate a behavior, I’ve had success with a simple +1 do-more goal where +1 means I didn’t do the behavior that day. A cumulative count of your days without social media could be a nice graph to have. I’ve used this strategy for my out of bed goal that requires me to not get back in bed during a certain time frame after my alarm goes off.

If you’re trying to limit the time, I’m sure others will have input. For example, I’ve noticed a goal on the featured page called unproductive-time that uses auto-data from RescueTime.

Around a year ago I decided to deactivate my social media accounts and gave my passwords to a trusted person. Initially, I only hard-committed to about three months, which I think helped me through the rough period of breaking the habit. I eventually discovered additional distracting websites, so now I use Cold Turkey on my computer and Apple parental controls on my phone for those. A good balance for me is to eliminate things from my phone and limit my use on my computer.