Split out @username email notification in forum settings

I am ruthlessly getting rid of newsletters, etc. in order to declutter my inbox. For the Beeminder forum, I want to turn off all email notifications aside from being @username-d (because I may not catch that myself, since I don’t necessarily read every topic). Unfortunately, that option is lumped in with a host of other options I expressly don’t want to be notified for, such as when someone replies to my post.

Can this be changed?


I don’t know the answer to this but I think this might be the kind of question we can ask the Discourse folks directly, since we’ve got a fancy support contract with them. @techapj?

Hi Grayson,

No, it’s currently not possible to get emails only for @username mentions.

If you want this feature to be added in Discourse, please create a new topic on meta.discourse under feature category explaining your use case.

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Thanks, @techapj. It’s not on my must-have-or-die list, so I’ll just go with the available settings for now.