Standalone Autodata Timer

Ok, here’s a question related to autodata devices. Everything I’ve seen so far that tracks time spent doing an activity, is an app of some sort. What if I want to just have a simple, dial-turning timer that uploads the time I use by wifi? So, not something you run for your phone, but an actual physical timer that can sit on a bedside table, for example. I wouldn’t even want it to be fancy, in fact the simpler the better.

The background on this is that I do much better not grabbing my phone to track things, because I get distracted and do things that aren’t related to my goal. And I’m convinced my Withings wifi scale is magical–it does one thing really well, which is I stand on it once every morning, and it does all the logging and uploading of weight for me. I don’t even have to care about the weight in front of me at that moment, because it’s stored somewhere I can conveniently access when I do feel like getting on my phone or laptop. So, are there any devices out in the market that I could get to work in this way?


There is a thread about actual-physical devices that can interact with Beeminder via wifi and other methods [here][1].

For a timer, the physical buttons mentioned in that thread could be configured such that the first press starts a timer, the second press stops the timer and uploads the time to Beeminder.

I think you’d need something additional to be able to view the timer as it was counting up, however. Anyone have any ideas?
[1]: Getting physical aka physical buttons

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You could probably hack something together using something like a Bluetooth stopwatch controller designed to be used for presentations. Maybe not the form factor you were imagining, but has all the interfaces you’d need.

Thanks guys–I looked at that thread before but hadn’t read all the way down, looks like there are quite a few options I hadn’t read about yet. I just may make this into a personal project, we shall see. It would just be so convenient, plus an interesting challenge to see if I could get anything together.

I’m sure there’s a market for a bluetooth enabled pomodoro timer. One will probably turn up on kickstarter eventually.