Strava: No Manual Activities Accepted Only GPS

I think it will be great to allow only GPS activities when using Beeminder with Strava. A little similar to what Pact app did in the past.
What do you think about it? Does it will be too difficult to implement?

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I immediately went to find an old thread on this topic, and found this one about disabling manual activities in RunKeeper… started by @donedamned! :laughing:

Beeminder makes it hard to enter manual entries into Beeminder for goals with automatic data sources (you can toggle this on the settings page, mostly), but doesn’t at all prevent you from entering data further upstream.

There are so many ways to cheat if you wanted to, that Beeminder is never going to be able to plug the holes. Someone who really wants to add a GPS entry just to cheat might also start the app when they get in the car or on a train, etc.

The best thing might be to turn on weasel-proofing, which at least means that if you derail we’ll challenge you to meaningfully demonstrate that it was not legit.

I also worry that as soon as we omit manual entries, even if it’s a per-goal setting, that you’ll find yourself in the gym needing to manually log a treadmill or stationary-bike session… :slight_smile:

I’ve entered my share of manual RunKeeper entries, for things that hadn’t been tracked at the time. Not least because I rarely take my phone into the gym with me.

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