Suggestion - no smiley face until you are clear

I have a goal to end within 24 hours. Here is how it looks:

I am posting this not to boast myself :slight_smile: (because it is hugely beeminder to praise that I made it this far, not myself)
… but to suggest that the smiley face indicating that “you are good, the goal is reached” should not appear at least until you are clear with the goal. It is obvious from the screenshot that I am in the red and should work a lot until 13:00 pm tomorrow. I think it would be better if it was written “1 p.m.!” as usual, in terms of correct communication and motivation.
Or, I may be wrong about what the smiley face stands for :slight_smile: but from the goals I have achieved so far, I have assumed this understanding.

(To anyone who might wonder about the essence of the goal… no, I didn’t make it from 0 to 93.87 percent of my whole phd in five weeks; it’s only from 0% to 93.87% of what was left at the moment when I decided I needed this goal)


+1 on this, I had the same issue recently and to add to my confusion the Android app showed me in the green, which suggests that I couldn’t derail at the end of the day, but I wasn’t brave enough to let it derail to see what would happen.

Also, hooray for percentage beeminding.


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