"Take a break" issue across an inferred goal date

I have a goal with the rate and end value set, and the date is inferred.

I tried to use “take a break” to schedule a break that starts before the inferred end date, and ends after the current inferred end date, and it won’t let it. It says the break is after the goal end date.

At this point, I checked to make sure my end date was inferred, rather than pegged, and i confirmed it was inferred.

I would expect that any break starting before an inferred end date is valid, given akrasia horizon, and the inferred end date would be pushed out.

I may be missing something.

I expect I can work around this by scheduling a break up to the end date, and then it will probably recalculate, and then schedule another.


@adamwolf, I had a similar issue some time ago, and from the correspondence with Bethany I found out that’s because of how the breaks work: it doesn’t matter that the date is inferred, they consider it given. I’m writing this just to help with your confusion that, no, you are not missing anything, this is how everything works so far.

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