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Testimonial from college student Cameron Brown

We’re planning to blog more about beeminding studying – it’s a popular topic, and one of the most powerful uses of Beeminder – but in the meantime we got this beautiful testimonial from a current college student, Cameron Brown, and she gave us permission to quote her in public so here we go:

I just recently started college, and it feels like there’s a lot of directions I can move in – I can eat whatever I want now, go wherever I want, and really just do whatever I want. Maybe you remember those times of freshman year, too. But, Beeminder is nice because it helps to keep me on track! I can wake up on a Saturday with no real direction for the day, only wanting to continually snack on mini M&M’s and relax in my PJs on my comfy and cute dorm bed. But then, I open my Beeminder and the direction returns. I remember, oh yeah, things like calling my parents are important and doing things for this club and working on homework for this class and reading that book that I definitely would not have made time for in the day had Beeminder not reminded me.

I’ve recently been telling some of my new and old friends about Beeminder, explaining how the datapoints connect to form a graph and how I have to do X by Y, etc. It’s always funny because whenever I get to the point about how I have to pay Beeminder if I fail, their eyes always grow and their jaws drop. I guess I can understand it, since they don’t see the same value that I do in Beeminder. It understandably takes some getting used to, and probably even a certain personality type. Sometimes though, I feel like if I asked my friends how much they’d pay for motivation to work on a project, it would be even more than a simple $5 Beeminder pledge. Never mind the fact that I get a lot of value out of using Beeminder with no pledge attached.

So yeah, I don’t have any crazy stories or anything about what I’ve done with Beeminder yet, but I just wanted to share my two cents of appreciation for your service. It’s really great! :smiley:

Thank you so much, Cameron! :heart:

PS: Funny story, we (the founders) have a daughter in high school who beeminds various non-school things like playing guitar and steps and yesterday we were talking about the reactions she gets when she tells people about Beeminder. They’re so consistent! “Why wouldn’t you just cheat?”, “I would just lose all my money”, “Where does the money go?” (More at Common reactions to Beeminder)