thoughts on post-derail respite

i’d be curious to know what everyone’s thoughts and strategies are for post-derail respite!

previously, mine were as follows:

  • 0 post-derail respite for a select few goals
  • 7 days post-derail respite for most goals

but recently i’ve noticed that 7 days post-derail respite is hindering me more than helping … i just mostly end up doing nothing during most of the respite period, as if it were a pre-set break …

so now i’m thinking:

  • 0 post-derail respite for none of my current goals [the ones that had it previously have since been archived; i would still consider it for similar cases, though]
  • 7 days post-derail respite only for my e-mail-inbox-goals
  • 1 or 2 days post-derail respite for most of my goals [ideally the same amount for all goals, simply because i feel like my brain would have an easier time remembering that]

i figure, in the few cases where i really would need a longer post-derail respite period, like when i’m sick, i could just ask support to extend the flat line when i call non-legit on the derail, which i’d do anyway in these cases. (or, alternatively, i could just call non-legit multiple times in a row.)

i feel like my recent derailments have all been due to bad time management combined with lack of motivation, and the following 7 days post-derail respite had only the effect of me thinking “whew, goal green, don’t need to think about it!” for way too many days, thus ultimately making me less awesome in the long run.
(i don’t have proof, of course, but at least i feel as if i’d made more continual progress with less post-derail respite.)

how do other people handle it? what’s your perfect number for post-derail respite?

I feel more or less the same way. I usually manually ratchet after a derail by whatever amount feels appropriate at the time.

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