Thumbnail shows what looks like the wrong time

I have an eep day on my pushups goal today, but the thumbnail is telling me that the derailment time is 2am, but the goal time is 12am and the due time shows the correct 00:00am

I realise that the “!” has just pushed the 1 off the image, but the entire number (12) should be visible.


Thanks @insti! There’s something in last nights changes that increased the size of the font, which can make Really Bad™ things happen to the displayed value. It’s on @dreev’s must-do list for today.

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Quick fix in place now so it at least won’t lie to you about the derail time (what we call a nightmare-class bug). Still need to pretty it up more for other corner cases. Thanks so much for reporting this!

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Same problem with the pledge amount.
See the thumbnail on the blog that promises $81 if you derail.

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Thanks @insti! One more quick fix now deployed. (Still not doing this the Right Way but maybe no more cases of blatant truncation now.)