Hi folks!

Wirecutter is going to be recommending TickTick as their next to do list pick. I haven’t worked with it before. Anyone here use it? I’ll poke them about API stuff…

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As an avid user of TickTick did you ever hear back about API stuff from them?

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I did not, but it appears they may have a public API. I wonder if they support checking if a recurring item has been completed :wink:

Ooh, where did you hear about them having a public API? I haven’t been able to find much about it except for their confusing help center where I’m never sure what to trust.

I just googled for it and saw enough results that it seemed reasonable, but most of them are to their help center :slight_smile:

I guess 3 months ago they said it’s coming (https://www.reddit.com/r/ticktickapp/comments/d9mg9m/ticktick_api/) , which makes me think that it doesn’t exist yet.

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TickTick have started having Zapier integration

and plan on further integration this year.