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Beeminding time blocking?

Has anyone successfully beeminded Cal Newport-style time blocking? How did/do you do it?


Eventually I’d really like to build TaskRatchet into a tool that’s effective for doing Cal Newport-style deep work. I think you could already do it now, for instance, by creating a Beeminder goal deep and then tagging deep blocks in TaskRatchet with an &deep or *deep tag. However there’s currently just so much friction to building out a day plan using TaskRatchet that I think there’s a lot of room for improvement in how well it works for that use case. But I really want to get there.


I haven’t integrated it with anything, but on the days when I do time blocking I use the “Day Planner” plugin with Obsidian. I find it more flexible and editable than pen/paper or even a Google Calendar. I found it because I already use Obsidian as a knowledge database. You just input your tasks and times in a checkbox list and it outputs a dynamic calendar. I’m not a very skilled programmer, but because Obsidian uses locally stored markdown files I imagine it might be possible to link to an API.

Edit to provide a link to the “Day Planner” readme: obsidian-day-planner/ at main · lynchjames/obsidian-day-planner · GitHub


Someone has done similar to @aliceofbattenberg Obsidian but for RemNote. GitHub - hannesfrank/remnote-schedule: A plugin for RemNote to visualize your daily schedule. using CrushEntropy syntax

My other thought would be if there was a way to integrate Toggl. You can already do tracking with specific tags so could have a toggl track your plannned hours (“planned” tag) of the day and then toggl track/Rescuetime your actual hours? Toggl already ties into Beeminder and has an API so maybe that is a direction to go in?
Not sure whether this would actually work or not as not tried it


Wow, this stuff is super neat, thanks for pointing it out! I had no idea these plugins existed for note apps.

I’m integrating my TickTick with Beeminder via Zapier. My goal is to have 8 daily deep work pomodoros, so I just check them off once I’m done. They are just tasks tagged with “pomodoro”, named 1 through 8 accordingly. They’re set to be reoccurring daily.

I’m currently contemplating using Toggl for that though.