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I have a new Tom Tom Spark 3 activity watch. It’s great and has helped me to increase my activity and review how I’m doing etc. I’ve alos just started to integrate it with Beeminder (via Runkeeper which it can link in with) to encourage myself to commit to a certain level. On the beeminder Runkeeper automatic integration it has 4 options 1) Run 2) Cycle 3) Swim and 4) Walk. I currently have goals for running and swimming, but I thought it would be nice t have a walking goal as well. Unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to get this to work, as my Spark 3 GPS enabled device doesn’t have a walk setting (for some strange reason), it can do 1) Run 2) Cylce 3) Swim 4) Treadmill 5) Gym 6) indoor Cycling 7) Freestyle 8) Stop watch. When walking I’ve been logging using Freestyle which is GPS tracking so will nicely show where I’ve been, how long, how much exercise etc. However beeminder can’t recognise this a walk through runkeeper as it does not call it a ‘walk’. Therefore you can’t get the autmatic data entry you normally can for the running, swimming and cycling.

Can anyone see a work around for this? Unfortunately the TomTom Mysports program and web app doesn’t have another beminder integratable program to work with, neither does Beeminder have a direct integration like it does for Garmin, Jawbone, Misfit, FitBit (I clearly bought the wrong one). I thought I found a a work around when I realised that you can export a .csv file of each activity, which is stored locally on my computer, with this file persumably there’s a way of automating an upload to google sheets and then beeminder could log that persumably? however I don’t know how to automate such a task, and another problem is that I cannot select the folder in which the .csv file ends up so wha ever system would have to be able to search folders?! this may be too much to ask…Any ideas?

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Zapier ( can get more fields from RunKeeper, and has filtering options (e.g. only trigger when field X has value Y)
See example


@apolyton Thanks, that’s exactly what I was after. I didn’t realise you could filter like that - works perfectly.


Thanks @apolyton for helping out here! @mangoman – do you have any idea how the “freestyle” events get labeled in RunKeeper? We can pull in other types of activities from RunKeeper, and I’ve just added new ones in as we’ve had requests for them.



Hi @bee Thanks for looking into this - Run keeper via the Zapier filter has a data category called “Activity Secondary Type” which contains “Mysports Freestyle”. Does that tell you what you needed to know?

I did a text contains filter for “Freestyle” and then filtered again for a distance figure greater than 2 KM and this allows me to register a beeminder data point for walks (or freestyles) greater than 2 KM only. Thanks again @apolyton your message reduced my head scratching considerably the other day :slight_smile: