Trello auto data

Is it possible to have the data points be each card’s title (and +1) instead of the aggregate count of completed cards?

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Looks as though we count the cards in one daily fetch, by default, rather than accounting for each individual card that was moved into a column.

Are you proposing that it would be better (more useful) if the datapoint value was always ‘1’ and the datapoint comment reflected which card it is?

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Yes, I think it would be more useful. Most people (myself included) use Trello as a Kanban board. My goal tracks the cards I move to the “Done” List. By having the card title in the data point, I can look back at all of the tasks I have finished rather than the aggregate number. Obviously this is similar to the Todoist integration on the back-end, but mapping the goals/tasks on the client side is much more organized in the Trello/Kanban way than a To Do List in my opinion.