Whittle down end date: 2026? Maybe ask for me a date during goal creation?

I created a new whittle down goal and and ended up with an end date in 2026 :slight_smile:

Maybe I should have been asked to given the goal date in the initial “new goal” screen?


Striving goals should not have an end date, imho.

(Aside: the current value for ‘no end date’ is the end of unixtime in 2038, which may be nicely correlated with the end of the world as we know it!)

We used to use one-year as the default period for a goal. Seems that it might now be ten years.

Flip side of that default is the fine practice of trying a goal on for size, in which case 30 days is a nice number…

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I like to create short-term (1 month) goals with specific targets :blush: :slight_smile:

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I like doing that too.

One thing that often gives me pause is the frequent weirdness in changing a goal that is nearing its end date. Maybe I should just let them come to an end, as per something I read recently but can’t find.

Paraphrased, it said that you should pause your new habit after 30 days, whether it’s going well or not. Maybe especially if it’s going well. Use the hiatus to reflect on whether it’s the right habit, well-described, and appropriately guiding the learning that you want to result over the coming year(s).

UPDATE: found it: Habit Cycling by Tiago Forte

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Another case of selecting “whittle down” only to end up with a “regular” goal that a newbie might be puzzled with setting up
This would be improved if this form

Also had further options for a choice between
a) a “goal end” and “end value”
b) units per week

As it was I (an experienced user)
a) chose “whittle down”
b) added “today’s value”
c) the goal was created and I got a goal with a flat road
d) selected “3 units / week” in the commitment tab
e) ended up with a goal with actually increasing goal values instead of “whittling down” ones

A new user would be greatly confused :wink: