TypeRacer Integration

Hello Team, I’ve been searching for a TypeRacer integration and found several topics that mentioned something called BeemindMe

Apparently, BeemindMe allowed the TypeRacer integration, however, it seems like they’re out of business (offline)

So, my question for you folks:

Is there a way of integrating TypeRacer with Beeminder to have automatic data fetch from my TypeRacer account?

Before coming here, I researched and found some tech info regarding TypeRacer’s API.

You’ll find below the 4 ways of accessing TypeRacer’s API, according to this site:

How do I access TypeRacer’s API?
Via these API access points:

Looking forward to seeing your comments and opinions about this matter.

In case there’s not something already made, would you folks provide me some recommendations on how to do this type of automatic integration for myself?

Best regards.


Here are some links that might come in handy:


Hey @narthur thanks for your prompt response. I’ll take a look at those resources with calm and see what I can come up with.

Best regards.