TaskRatchet integration confusion

Hi , i try to work with taskratchet and beeminder together but it’s not works.

Anybody try to work with these two app together ?

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I use the integration and haven’t had any trouble. Went to Beeminder’s new goal page, clicked on the TaskRatchet icon there, followed the steps that were shown there, and chose the option to have a datapoint added to the goal for every TaskRatchet task I create. It’s worked well for me!

What goes wrong when you try? E.g., at what point in the process does it fail? Do you see any error messages and if so what are they? Or do you see any other behaviour that seems wrong?

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Thanks for the answer
Maybe it’s a “API” problem because below API there is : " Warning
The API is undocumented and likely to change without notice.

Requesting a new token will replace your existing token if you have one, meaning you’ll need to replace it wherever you’re using it.

We don’t store your token, so save it somewhere safe."

Firstly, I didn’t understand what this API is and secondly, do you think this is what hinders the integration of beeminder with taskratchet. Sorry if my english is so bad

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The official Beeminder-TaskRatchet integration is different than that API section.

TaskRatchet’s API is available so that people can write their own tools that use TaskRatchet. For example, I have a script that copies a task from my own task list and adds it to TaskRatchet.

The official Beeminder-TaskRatchet integration doesn’t use the API and so it doesn’t matter that the API may change without notice. It also doesn’t need you to create an API token.

If you want to use the official Beeminder-TaskRatchet integration, you can ignore the API section.

To use the official Beeminder-TaskRatchet integration, you follow these instructions:

Can you please tell us what part of it is not working for you?
If you wish, you could post in your own language as well as in English. There may be someone here who speaks the same language and who uses the integration.


@ffgm You can ignore this comment if you wish! :slight_smile: It’s just a technical detail. It’s not important for solving the problem you have.

I said this:

The official Beeminder-TaskRatchet integration doesn’t use the API

Technically the integration might actually use the API, but that’s all hidden away in TaskRatchet’s own code. If TaskRatchet’s API changes, you could expect the integration to be updated at the same time. So changes to the API still would not cause the integration to stop working.

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Pas du tout. C’est tellement difficile de comprendre des trucs techniques dans une autre langue.

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Thank you.

There is a video on youtube made by the taskratchet founder.

the video explains well the integration of taskratchet with beeminder.