Update On School Goal

I made a post a few weeks ago asking help for making a goal to help get school work done (Need Help Creating Goal). Well I am glad to report to I think I figured it out. I originally did not think a time goal would work. However I have tried it the past two weeks and it has worked great. The last two weeks instead of not getting my homework done the day before its due I am done with all my assignments and it is only a Wednesday (this week and last week). In other words it is working great! Thank you all for all the suggestions!


Awesome! How did you get around the problems you had mentioned with a time goal?


  1. With the problem of not having enough time I have not ran into that yet as I found an 1hr and 26 minutes is not hard to fit in. In fact this Monday I went on a multi hour walk with my fiancée and still had time to spare. If there is one thing Beeminder has shown me is I have more time than I thought. However if I know there is a day in the future I will be gone all day I just make sure to have all school work done by that day.

  2. With the problem of getting done early I simply created an item entitled “All done for the week” in Toggl if I get all school work done early. I just log the required amount of time for that day under that. Some probably would not like that since it is “fake data” to a certain extent however I don’t mind as the goal does what I want and that is I get my school work done earlier and I am not stuck doing everything at the end of the week.