Weasel-Proof Method Via Allowing Outside Person To Manage 2nd Account?

Hey Friends!

I have an issue with getting into challenging emotional spaces where my inner weasel takes over and edits previous entries to prevent derail.

Is it a feasible solution to have a separate account that I set up, but then hand over to my coach or friend, who will then change the password to prevent me from editing previous entries? The assumption is that the account is established for items that are auto-entry (Fitbit), or for items where they are required to do the manual entry for me. We would have designated times where I am allowed to adjust my commitment if needed, but in general, I would have view-only permissions on the account.

Are there any issues that would prevent this from working?

Does BeeMinder allow multiple accounts with the same credit card?

Is there a better solution out there to prevent one’s inner weasel from editing previous entries?

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I think it will all work! We’re super interested in the case study in any case so if you can try it and keep us posted we’ll be really grateful!

You’ve already tried checking the “weaselproof me” checkbox, right? That prevents some things but I forget which things exactly…


PS: Weaselproofing may actually be just what you need! See http://beeminder.com/changelog#1458 and http://beeminder.com/changelog#1657 and http://beeminder.com/changelog#1742 and http://beeminder.com/changelog#1902

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OK, great! I hadn’t realized these features were added to Weaselproofing. I’ll give it go. Thanks!

This looks like it will work for me!

Is the change log the best place to review all of the rules associated with weaselproofing? I checked it out and it was helpful, but I’m wondering if there’s more?

I’m trying to only weaselproof goals that I’ve had running for at least a week so far, but I’ve had screwy results a few times. Ex: One time my Todoist-IFTTT integration gave me duplicate credit. Other times my location applet failed.

I’d also like to eventually weaselproof brand new goals, but I’d like to learn more first.

A few questions I have:

  • if my IFTTT applet fails unfavorably, is this considered a reasonable excuse that support would accept for derailing (or unweaselproofing if the applet is permanently failing)? I would of course need to provide proof.
  • considering there is no manual editing for my auto-goals, if the triggers fail, then I just email support (with proof) and they’ll fix it?
  • is archiving a weaselproofed task still allowed according to non-weaselproofed rules?
  • is there more to find out about unweaselproofing a task, or am I only supposed to know that I can email support to find out, in order to keep the mystery (which I can see the value of!)
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Yes to every single one of those questions :grin:

Keep the questions coming!