Weekly beemail request: include a list of tweets from @beemuvi

  1. I don’t really do Twitter, changes posted to Twitter (@beemuvi), practically go unnoticed.
  2. I get a weekly mail with a text like “There have been 96 User-Visible Improvements to Beeminder since you (apolyton) signed up, and 0 UVIs since you last beeminded.”
  3. That second number is usually 0 or 1 because some automated source will have added a data point
  4. There is not even a link in the mail to the beemuvi Twitter account

The above situation would be infinitely better if you simply included a copy of the tweets of last week at the end of the message :slight_smile:


Indeed I have never seen a non-zero UVI since I last beeminded. :slight_smile:


Maybe the beemails should include the count of UVIs since the last manual datapoint.

Not that this is likely to make a difference in my case, though it might result in the odd non-zero figure. And there will be some folks with completely automated goals.

Tagging as #UVI

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Or simply the last 5 UVIs. There are supposed to be one per day and most people might not read every single of their beemails :wink: