what does it mean PESSIMISTIC PRESUMPTION (autodestructs with new data)

I’m supprised this morning to see this message PESSIMISTIC PRESUMPTION (autodestructs with new data) and my pledge went from 5$ ti 10$. it automatically filled data : 2 to derail me

what does it means? why should I pay 5$ when i didnt derail

Here’s the story on pessimistic presumptive reports (aka PPRs): https://blog.beeminder.com/glossary/#p
But also definitely reply to the legit check email any time you disagree with a derailment, even if it’s just due to confusion about how Beeminder works.

The problem is that I report daily, I don’t understand why for yesterday 19, I reported 0.00 but then it filled the same day with 2.00

Ah, can you email support@beeminder.com so we can dig in? The first possibility to come to mind is confusion about the deadline. If you change your deadline from midnight then Beeminder treats that as the end of the day. For example, if your deadline is 5pm and you enter something at 6pm on the 19th then Beeminder by default treats that as the 20th unless you explicitly mark it as the 19th.