IFTTT counts a datapoint as "new" only once

I think it might be the case that IFTTT recipes are counting a datapoint as “new” only once, no matter how many recipes use the same trigger.

So, for example, if you have a “send an email to so-and-so whenever a new datapoint gets added to goal X” recipe, and also a “add a datapoint to goal Y whenever a datapoint gets added to goal X” recipe, only one of them will fire for each new datapoint (whichever happens to check first).

This appears only to be a problem with Beeminder recipes, though, as I have other recipes that use the same triggering event twice.


I agree that what you describe is a bug. I’ve never seen an IFTTT channel that didn’t let you build multiple recipes using the same trigger.

A while back I learned the hard way that you can’t be signed into the same Beeminder account on two different IFTTT accounts (which works with every other IFTTT channel I’ve used). I wonder if this could be related somehow?

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Yup, I’m having this problem too. I mentioned it first back here where Bethany fixed something related to the issue. Since then, it’s reoccurred and the email thread I started with support back in January seems to have been dropped.