YNAB for business

Anybody @here using YNAB to run all or part of their business finances?

After hearing about it on here repeatedly, I’ve started poking at it and getting my head around the philosophy.

But as an independent consultant, of course I’m also wondering whether it’d work for our little firm.

Never having YNAB’d in anger, I’m doubly curious about where it best fits in a business context…

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My main side biz is a partnership with someone who would rather do the
books through Tiller. Tiller works great, and we’re working towards a
YNAB-like system through that. (I think this is mostly because our
accountant can’t really take YNAB as an input.)


I think this has been discussed on the YNAB subreddit.

Generally, the consensus seems to be that it isn’t a good bookkeeping app, it’s a budgeting app and is very cash flow focused for personal budgeting.