"You've turned off all Beeminder alerts" message despite Android alerts being active

I just turned off email reminders for all my goals, since I found the Android notifications to be sufficient.

After this, the first time I click on any goal, it tells me

Heads up! You’ve turned off all Beeminder alerts for this goal, meaning you won’t get any reminders before it derails. You can set up reminders for this goal, or change your defaults in reminder settings.

But this message isn’t accurate! The Android notifications are enabled and continue to show up for me.

(Additional point: unless my browser window is very wide or I’m zoomed out, the message is cut off. This means the link usually isn’t visible. Below is how it appears on my 13" Macbook Air, fullscreen at default zoom.)

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Excellent catch! This is an artifact of the long national nightmare of Android notifications–but as of Beedroid 5, the Android notifications are generated like the rest of the notifications. I’ve entered this in the bug tracker.

PS: Reporting a bug earns you Beeminder stickers if you want them. Just let us know your postal address!

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This should be fixed now. Thanks!