Heads up you have turn off alerts for this goal..

why am I getting this annoying message on all my goals all of a sudden…

Because you’ve turned off all alerts on your goals, and we figured we might as well remind you… From a recent daily beemail:

We’re gradually fixing a crufty mess we have with reminders (aka zeno polling [1]) and unsubscribe behavior where we were way overzealous in halting every possible email we could send someone if they, for example, just wanted to stop getting beemails.

Our new philosophy is that, when you get an email you don’t want, there should be a one-click, path of least resistance, users-don’t-read-webcopy way to stop getting that kind of email. No inadvertently making Beeminder stop reminding you about anything and everything because you weren’t paying attention when clicking unsubscribe.

(Yes, this is all pretty facepalmy but the good news is that we expect Beeminder to make noticeably more money as we fix such things! Or maybe anyone who would even think to click unsubscribe was a lost cause. We’ll see!)

Anyway, a couple UVIs along the way:

  1. We made it possible to turn your reminder alerts back on if you’ve ever unsubscribed; used to just fail silently and confusingly for such users.
  2. Related to that, we already remind you when you create a new goal if you’ve turned off all of your alerts, and we decided to allow this to re-remind users who’ve done that on older/existing goals, just a little banner that says “hey, BTW, did you know you turned off all the alerts for this goal?”

So… you should only see that banner once for each goal with alerts turned off, and then it should be silent after that. Are you seeing the banner repeatedly on the same goal? Or has anything weird / different happened with your alerts in the past couple days?