New mobile app (Android, iOS, Windows), plus 7 new integrations!


We are aware that the Nectar web app is offline. I have contacted Heroku and hopefully they will fix the issue shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.


The issue was resolved right after my post.


I made another small update to the Nectar mobile app. It now displays more information on the goal detail page and the home page should look better on devices with a small screen.

I also updated the comparison image from the first post to fix two errors with Beeminder for iOS and reflect that it is now open source again:

@dreev can you please give me permissions to edit the first post, so I can replace the image.


Sure! I just made it a wiki. Does it let you edit it now?


Yes. Thank you!


Seriously, that’s unacceptable failure of the free market. It hurts me so much that there aren’t more open source apps in the app store. Can you please email me at and we’ll get you set up with an apple developer account?


I just sent you an e-mail. Thank you! Based on feedback we have received, many Beeminder users will appreciate your offer!