Summary Of Goal Units View


On the [] I can see the list of all of my goals and input for achievement data points. However, what is not visible is the data-unit goal description. As an example, I have a goal which is to do 50 dips per day. where can I see a summary of the actual Unit-per-time slot commitments?


If you want this info for an individual goal, click on the graph image and you’ll be taken to the page for the individual goal. Scroll down below the graph and you’ll see several tabs. On the first one (“Commitment”), there’s a section titled “Commit to” where you can see the details of your commitment and change them if you’d like. You can change the “per X” setting there too, although last I knew there was some bugginess around doing so. I’m not sure where the setting is/whether it’s possible to change the unit labels (dips, steps, etc).

As far as I know there’s no way to see this information for all of one’s goals at once. (Consider this a feature request, because I’d sure love that to be available!)