Tags + Beeminder = <3 - Is anybody else using this?


I’m not sure how many people here use or even know about the possibility to use tags with your beeminder goals. @apb gave a nice explaination of the somewhat hidden feature in another thread:

Hello! Beeta is now deployed. But fear not - there’s a way to backburner goals, though it’s slightly different. We added basic tagging, which should allow for not only backburnering but a lot of other goal organization.

It’s sort of soft-launched (read: hidden) right now, but if you go to www.beeminder.com/tags13 you’ll see a list of your goals. You can add a tag like “backburner” to any goal you like, and then if you append a list of tags to the hash of your dashboard URL - https://www.beeminder.com/apb#foo4 for example - it will only show goals with the tag foo.

If you go to https://www.beeminder.com/apb#foo,bar4 it will show goals with the tag foo OR bar.

If you prepend a ! character it will exclude goals with that tag. For example:


Actual UI for this is coming soon, but hopefully this will hold you all over in the meantime!

I have started tagging my goals as of today and wanted to share my experience: It’s awesome! One thing that seems to be working especially well is to tag goals with “daily”, “weekly”, “monthly” respectively. In that way I can see beeminder goals which I want to do every day and I can filter those out by appending #!daily or #!daily,weekly to filter out goals that are somewhat less important or short term, etc.

I have used this in combination with a beeminder folder in my bookmarks bar to quickly access those “specialized to do lists”.

Do you use this feature at all? Any tricks or ideas as regards to using it?

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