Using Fitbit Activities instead of steps, distance, or active minutes


Instead of using steps, distance, or active minutes from Fitbit, I would really like to beemind on the discrete count of logged Activity events. E.g., a goal for exercising X times a week.
It looks like this should be easy to determine by their API.



You can connect IFTTT to Fitbit and then have it add a datapoint of “1” to Beeminder for each activity


Nope, there is no “per activity” trigger.


How about using the “Very Active minutes” goal trigger?
Unless you’re doing more than one activity per day, it could work.


I do have more than one event several days a month, such as a morning hike followed by gym in the evening.

Also, Fitbit’s selection logic for whether a minute is Active, Very Active, or not is just pure garbage. Walking from the bus to my building can be “Very Active” for no good reason, and weightlifting at the gym often switches between Active and not, even if the heart rate is up…


You can check the Fitbit - RunKeeper connection although I think Fitbit gives out only a summary and not specific activities.
If that works, you can have RunKeeper triggers on Zapier


Nope, looked into that as well, and Fitbit is only pushing the calories and steps.

I grabbed my old Fitbit API keys and threw together a quick script to tinker. Annoyingly, the Daily Activity Log is returning an empty array for the activity list, but it looks like their Activity List endpoint actually returns the data I want. I’ll probably just throw together an Azure Function on a timer to update the counter for me until/unless the Beeminder staff add this to their integration.



Thanks for nudging us on this! (And sorry for the delay in updating this thread!)