Why wont my goal delete?


Instead of letting me delete my goal I get a message saying:

You will still be on the hook until 28 Apr 2017.
If you derail before the countdown ends, you’re still charged for the derailment.
After that we will cancel your pledges and archive the goal.

Why cant I delete this goal like my others ones allow? I can only archive this one.


Maybe this is the only goal you have that’s more than a week old and isn’t archived? You can only delete new(ish) goals and archived goals, otherwise Beeminder wouldn’t be much of a commitment mechanism. (If there’s some reason you really do need to delete it, email support@beeminder.com.)


I currently have 2 goals over a week old and they are both not archived. I decided to try and archive the goal so I can delete this but ill have to wait a week. Im new to this site so I dont know how everything works nor do I know why I keep lying to my self on why I should delete my goals that im about to derail on :sweat:. I wonder why im on this site if im going to cheat.


See http://blog.beeminder.com/chelsea/.


Much appreciated, thanks for posting the link :smiley:.