2 feature requests, + A weird way to log wakeup time automatically without Apple Health

I don’t have an Apple Watch. This makes the Apple Health “wakeup time” very inaccurate. It usually just assumes I woke up when my alarm went off, but that ain’t me. What is more accurate is whether I’ve taken non-zero steps on my Fitbit. (I don’t get up in the middle of the night).

So I made a Fitbit “Steps” goal, converted it to custom, and set it to aggday = nonzero. (Needed to start with a $0 pledge because this is an instant derail). Then I made a metaminder goal with a deadline of 9am – so I have to take non-zero steps and refresh the data on the nonzero steps goal before 9am to get the metaminding point.

Request 1. It would be better if I could have an aggday option on my Steps goal where it only logs 1 if the datapoint is above a threshold, not just above 0. Like I would have to take 250+ steps to get the point on my Steps goal.

  • OR if there was a metaminding option where I only get the metaminding point if my datapoint was above a threshold – then I could use this method with a non-custom Fitbit steps goal.

Request 2. Having a Fitbit integration for wakeup time would be best, but this is a cool workaround!

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Oh no. It still metaminds if Fitbit automatically enters 0 at 3am…