Rescuetime but to fix night time screen habits

I have a habit that I’ve had for years where I am using my phone screen or laptop screen at night. I am suspicious that this is effecting my sleep quality, but I have a hard time changing this habit.

I already use rescuetime to track time spent on various apps and sites. Is it possible to set a goal in which time spent on apps after a certain time in the day is beeminded rather than all the rescuetime entries?

This would be great in helping change the habit and shifting over to something like reading books (which I can potentially beemind as well bringing double the motivation not to stare at screens at night like I am doing now).

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In RescueTime you can set up goals and alerts for different types of activity. You’d want a time filter to say when you want to limit yourself at night which you set up under Advanced Filters at RescueTime. Then you’d want to set up a goal (under Goals and Alerts) to be something like “Less than x minutes on All Time during Nighttime”. Then you can beemind the number of times that alert gets sent.

Ah, I’ve just remembered that I don’t think beeminding RescueTime alerts is part of Beeminder’s core RescueTime integration. I do it via IFTTT.

Also bear in mind that it’ll stop you using the computer just fine but RescueTime is very flakey at tracking phone/tablet time (at least on iOS, I suspect it’s better on Android due to the different restrictions on apps).

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Thanks, that seems like a good way to do it. I am wondering now if I can achieve a similar outcome with the Fitbit integration. I have added a new post since it’s off topic from this forum.

(RescueTime has been pretty great for me on Android for years.)

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