Advent 2022: 23. Beeminder Journals in the Forum's Life Category

This second-last Advent Calendar post may be something for you to consider as a New Year’s Resolution, or to spend some time on over the next week or two if you have a break from your normal responsibilities.

You’ve probably noticed that the Life category in this forum has “Beeminder Journal” threads from a variety of different people, where they discuss their goals, recent progress, successes and failures, strategies for beeminding, etc. These insights into how Beeminder helps them can be a fascinating source of inspiration and tips. They are well worth browsing through when you have some free time! Not all of them have “journal” in their titles, so have a look at any topics that sound interesting.

If you like what you see there, consider starting one for yourself! It might be a great way to freshen up your life management techniques for 2023. Writing can help your mind unearth useful insights and you may be surprised by what you can come up with from regular journalling. Some people use their Beeminder journal for a weekly review, others post at irregular or infrequent intervals; pick a rhythm that works for you. Most importantly, if you fall behind or get out of the habit, don’t let yourself feel any guilt or stigma that might prevent you from restarting - just pick it up again when you feel ready!

I’ll be creating one myself. I’ve considered it on and off for a while but always dismissed it as potentially taking up more time than it was worth, however while writing these Advent posts I’ve had a startling number of ideas for how I can improve my own beeminding. I’m now convinced that writing about my goals and related topics will help me. I’ll be using fractional beeminding to encourage myself to write regularly; I think it’s a clever technique that will be good for this, and it will be fun to try it. (EDIT: This is my Beeminder journal.)