I can't get the final date setting of the road dial to work in the new ui

Right now it’s set to final date: 2027 and change with a rate of 1. If I hit update I get “Couldn’t update the road: undefined”, regardless of whether or not I change the date first. I haven’t tried calculating the final value too, but I don’t think I should need to?

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Hi! If you’re just looking to change the final date you probably don’t want to be using the road editor. Look in the Commitment tab text to “Commit to” there’s a little link to "Use goal date and goal total. That gives

That said, the error messages are not suuper helpful in general in the road editor, but submitting without any changes seems like it ought to just be a no-op and therefore be allowed, so if you can point us at the goal in question (here, or send an email to support) I can take a look and see if I can ken what’s going on.


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Correction: @bee’s screenshot is the road dial. That’s the thing anyone can use. She meant to say the road editor, which is in settings for premium subscribers. (I’ll edit her post now to avoid confusion.)

This is what I get after hitting “update road” on https://www.beeminder.com/twenty13quarter/log#settings

Thanks for pointing out the option in the commitment tab, I hadn’t seen the link when I was looking.