Android TagTime support for smartwatches

I have developed some sort of smartwatch support for Android by adding notification actions for the most frequently used tags.
I’m dogfooding it right now on my Samsung Gear Sport and it should also work on Android Wear smartwatches.
Would someone be interested in testing it? I can provide an APK and instructions for setting it up.
Here is the PR on GitHub:


I have a Pebble watch but I see from the comments on GitHub that this will improve TagTime on Android even without a smartwatch by adding buttons to the ping notifications? And maybe Pebble, since it uses Android Wear, will magically be able to “reply” to the notifications to answer with tags for pings?

Anyway, I’d love to try it if you can point me to an APK!

@dreev Yes exactly, in theory you’ll be able to reply to the notifications from your Pebble watch :slight_smile:
I’m glad you can test it.

You can now find an APK on my fork of TagTime.

If you try to install it on a device that has already TagTime there could be an error installing the new version because it is a debug build. To fix this you’ll have to uninstall the previous version before installing this one.

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Yay! Thank you! But are you sure that’s the right APK? I installed it and see no difference in the notifications. In “About TagTime” in the app it says “Version 1.3.4 build 12”.

Sorry, I’m an idiot. There were no tags yet so it didn’t include any in the initial notification. I have them now and they’re great! Unfortunately my Pebble doesn’t seem to support them.

I think we should get this merged and published on Google Play!

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Thanks @dreev, it would be great :slight_smile: Too bad for the Pebble.

I’ve been dogfooding this version for 1 week on my phone, but I would suggest making an open beta to be sure nothing is broken on other devices in the wild.

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I’ve downloaded and installed this, and it seems to be working on my LG G Watch R running latest Wear OS 2.0.


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