Push by Zapier for beeminding

I saw this and instantly starting thinking of ways I could use if for beeminder. I feel like it will be particularly great for goals where I only ever add a “1” datapoint. Anyone have any more interesting ideas?

Edit: I hadn’t considered/realized this would disable adding datapoints through the dashboard. Is there any way to have data added both manually and automatically?


It’s definitely technically possible to have both automated and manual data entry, using the API. No idea whether anyone’s done the work to integrate that with Zapier or IFTTT or whatever the cool kids are using these days.

You can also enter data by sending email to bot@beeminder.com. But you can’t read your data or do anything more complicated that way.


On the goal’s settings tab, about halfway down, you can set the goal back to manual data entry. This will re-enable the dashboard and apps so that you can easily add data by hand.

Zapier will still be able to add datapoints, but the logo and refresh link will be removed from your goal page.

This trick is handy when you’ve got a goal that can be sent data from several places, including manual entry.