Automated weight loss data broken :-(

I’ve been automating the data transfer for weight goals but it is now broken.

I have an android app “ANT+ Weight Scale Display” which connects to rather old Tanita scles that only support the ANT+ protocol. Fortunately my Samsung phone has Ant+.

The App has been syncing my weight to FitBit which the Beeminder goal syncs to.

However, FitBit have recently added a Captcha to the login. The App can’t login anymore and the developer doesn’t think he is going to fix it.

I’m still able to get the weight into Garmin Connect and Strava. But I don’t can’t find a way to get the weight from either of them into Fitbit. Nor can I see how to get my weight directly into beeminder from Garmin Connect or Strava. IFTT doesn’t seem to support weight for Strava or the garmin at all.

Any thoughts?