Automatically limit the chart to the last 3 months

I’ve got a goal I’ve been working on for about 2/3rds of a year now, and it’s becoming really hard to read the chart. I guess I could go in the Settings area and adjust the chart properties manually but my goal here is to motivate myself, not to fiddle with chart displays.

I think it would make sense to be able to easily view e.g. the last 3 months (possibly as default) so that I can continue to distinguish data points, and see how my current progress is shaping up. Of course, viewing the whole timeline or a custom window is cool too, I just think that a “recent” view is what I want day-to-day.


Agreed that a relative/sliding time window would be great.

For my own goals, I find that the length of the window really depends on how often I’m entering data. Three months works well (for me) for my weekly goals, but is too short of a period for my monthly goals, and too long of a period for my daily goals.

I use my ‘tmin’ script to automatically update that setting every now and again.

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