Reward long time to delay by less frantic time display also in Android client

Currently web version shows time till derail in accuracy depending on available time.

So it is “+1 due in 3 years” or “+0.15 due in 12 days” for goals with long buffer and " +207 due in
7h 09m 33s" for ones triggering soon.

It is a nice and subtle reward for not being on edge of derail.

Android client shows time to derail always in the same format ending with “1262 days, 07:07:59” ticking second by second on single goal view or a very similar “252d 7h 7m 25s till derailment” in the quest list.

As result entire quest list is twitching second by second even with no incoming derail.

I think that it would be nice to drop unneeded precision also in the Android client.

For reference, to avoid duplicate I tried googling
android date precision
android date formatting
android date seconds


Seconded! The iOS client also shows ridiculous amount of precision. I opened one goal toward the bottom of my dashboard and it will apparently derail in 4546d, 8:44:40 and counting…

Should probably generate and expose the user-friendly description in the API.

PS: happy beeversary! :cake:


I opened

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Thanks for the offer to make a PR for this as soon as we get this puppy open-sourced! We may well take you up on that.

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