beeminding sleep habits with withings sleep

I’ve successfully used beeminder to get into a habit of doing regular exercise (running) using the runkeeper integration. I really need weasel proof! I’ve been looking for a sleep habit situation where I could beemind my sleep habits. I recently got the Nokia sleep, and am quite impressed with how it can detect sleep through the thick mattress, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to talk to beeminder about bedtime, since the integration only provides time in bed or time asleep (total hours), which I’ve been tracking, but it’s not as good at getting me in my willpower deprived state to go the heck to bed already…

I just figured out what I hope can be a solution, and since there are a bunch of threads about people trying to figure out sleep beeminding. With Nokia sleep, you can set an IFTTT trigger based on “when I get in bed” and you can set parameters for the window during which it should operate. So I created a “do more” goal called “sleep habits” and then I set up separate IFTTT rules to send a datapoint to the sleep habits goal when I get into bed where I award more points for getting in bed early, and decreasing points the later it gets, and minus points for getting in bed after a certain time. I also made rules for getting out of bed in certain windows, higher points for getting up earlier, and minus points if I sleep in past certain times.