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Duplicates from Apple Health steps


I just looked at my dashboard and realized that I had 64 days of buffer on my steps goal (which is fed by auto-data from Apple Health). I looked closer, and found that the Beeminder iOS app has apparently been duplicating data points in a frenzy. Is there any other configuration or device info I can provide to help sort out why this is happening?


Thanks for the report - this is unfortunately still happening for some people! (Though yours is definitely the most zealous of the duplications I’ve seen). I’m working on debugging it now and will hopefully have an update out soon.


In the meantime I’m writing a script to de-dupe goals that are seeing this. It shouldn’t derail this goal (or anyone else’s) but if it does, just let us know here or in an email to support and we’ll obviously cancel the charge.


Was just going to post about this. This is happening to me as well, so will set a watch on this thread for hopefully a solution soon. I sometimes go on auto pilot with my steps goal and it can be a shock when I go in and see I have had days of duplicate data that I am scared to delete for fear of derailing.


@apb Was just checking if there is any update to the health syncing. It appears my app has gone from a ton of duplicates to now not syncing at all for the past several days. Any updates on any fixes coming down the line?


While we’re waiting for @apb, can you try logging out and back in to see if that jump-starts it?


@dreev Thanks for the quick reply. I did get it to sync, unfortunately logging out and back in did not seem to work. I had to completely uninstall the app and reinstall. It does work for now, will continue to monitor.


My Apple Health steps are getting duplicated again. Is the de-duping script something that’s running on an ongoing basis?


It’s not running on an ongoing basis; I was hoping it wouldn’t need to be, but the fix has been taking longer than I thought. I can run it for your steps goal now though!


Hi, @apb, just wanted to check up on this again. I am still consistently having issues with duplicated entries, and then instances where health syncing just stops. The only way I have been able to remedy it when it stops syncing is to click the “reset data” button on in the app, however, this creates even more duplicates. Any update on a potential fix would be greatly appreciated. Syncing from the health app would be so much more convenient and weasel proof.


I’ve been having a similar problem. In the meantime, I’ve set my daily aggregation method to ‘max’, as the data is correct, just duplicated.


@apb I am having this duplication issue. I just set up a MIndful Minutes goal last night and am getting some weird duplication. Not only are there duplicate entries, there seems to be a doubled up entry. I now have 9 days of buffer. Is there a fix for this yet?


Thanks for the report - mindful minutes has a separate known issue that I’m working on fixing. Sorry about that! It’s prioritized for the next version of the app.


Awesome. I think Beeminding Mindful Minutes is so much better than 'minding session starts because it incentivizes one to do those one minute “breathe” sessions (via Apple Watch) throughout the day, but doesn’t allow that session to count as much as a 20 minute session would. I’m really excited for y’all to get the Apple Health integration sorted out… I think that integration has some really awesome potential for improving lives!