changing time gives error

Changing deadline time to a particular time gives the following error in red.

There was an error updating your reminder settings for (goal name).

it seems that some deadline time is fine, such as 0600am or 1000am, but other time gives error eg 0700am

This bit from may help you:

If the goal you’re trying to change is on an eep day, do your work to get out of eep status, then try again. There are extra limitations placed on deadline changes when you’re close to derailing:

  • You cannot delay the deadline on an eep day with less than 6 hours left on the countdown.
  • You cannot push the deadline into the past on an eep day, so that you derail immediately.
  • Your reminder start time (Start Alerts) needs to be earlier than your deadline - you cannot have reminders start at 6:30pm for a 11:30am deadline.
  • If you tried to change multiple deadlines, likely only one or two of them created the error.