Cryptic error message when trying to change deadline

I am getting the following message when trying to change the deadline:

deadline: [“is less than 6 hours from now. You cannot move your deadline later than it currently is (22:00) until you’ve finished your task for the day.”]

I don’t understand this message. What does “your task for the day” refer to?

Also, why am I not allowed to change the deadline if it is less than 6 hours from now?

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this should show up when you’re trying to push back the deadline for a goal that’s currently in eep status, but not any other time. your “task for the day” is getting the goal out of the red.

that error message is really not obvious though, so if you can let us know (screenshot) in what context you’re seeing it, that’d be super helpful for making it more clear (or fixing it if the wrong thing is happening!) :slight_smile:

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The error appeared in the goal settings screen when I tried to postpone the deadline by changing the time in the “Daily deadline” field:

However, I cannot make the error appear again now since I am no longer in the red.

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