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Check out my home screen!


I put all my beeminder goals on my homescreen like this!

This way my 8 survivor goals are on the left, the two daily task goals are in the upper right, and in the lower right I have two columns for groups of related goals: one for daily mediation and one for sleep.
Lots more room for more goals too!
I find it key to be able to see the status of all goals at a glance so I know which ones I need to focus on.


Very cool! And well done on so much green!!


I love it, welcome to the life :slight_smile:


Some of those goal names sound intriguing! Have you elaborated on them somewhere?


I don’t think so but I’m happy to - which ones were you wondering about?


The various sit goals and sleep goals for example.


My screen used to look like that. I’ve since switched to the list widget because I really like having the autosort.


I made a post about my sleep goals!

I have one of those widgets too but I like having a separate place for each goal.