Daily Dinner Planning Accountability Group

Heya! I’ve decided to make a Beeminder goal to post what I’m having for dinner every day in a Google Spaces group called Dinner. It really helped me to save money, waste less food, and eat healthier when I posted pictures of my lunch every day in my bento blog, but because I’m mostly on parental leave these days (about 3 hours of work per week) and don’t have time to arrange elaborate lunchboxes, that blog is now defunct. I’m hoping the simplicity of the Spaces app will give me similar motivation with less of a time commitment, but it would be great to have some company.

All you do is post what you’re gonna have for dinner as soon as you figure out what it’ll be. Bragging rights go to whoever does it earliest in the day! If you want to post a picture after you’ve cooked it or feel like telling us how tasty it was, that’s totally cool, but the main purpose of the group is getting that daily declaration out there at a reasonable time of day.

If this sounds motivating to you, click this link to join! https://goo.gl/spaces/vprtCiMti955tUZHA